We are so busy working on our exciting
platforms that we have neglected our own website!
In the meantime here is a quick overview of what we are up to…

News &

Fast, efficient communications
channel from Building
manager to all residents



Simple & transparent
maintenance system for all
Essential, Non essential
maintenance & Special projects


Move-in & Move-out

Paperless applications
means faster approvals,
and faster movings


Book Facilities

Direct bookings to all facilities
within the building


Drop off & Collect

Manage & record all incoming
and outgoing efficiently with


now live

WE is our exciting flagship building management platform - wewumbo.io

now live

With their very own App, EF sets a
new standard in design & delivery
communications and management

coming soon

The Fabrice Deville app will showcase
our revolutionary approach to the
customer retail experience

coming soon

The next big thing in luxury advertising…
Watch this space!

A global dialogue on luxury in the 21st century

about us

We are Wumbo Technologies, part of a group with ambitions of global disruptions in the property development sector. The genesis of our products are from our own experiences and pain points crying out for resolutions. Our products embody the pillars of our brand; smart, exciting and connects.

We keep it simple. Solve complex problems with cool apps that engage,
excite and connect.